Date Employee Comments
INV! Melissa Lovveeeeee Melissa! She always takes care of us on the
weekends when she’s there. Wish she worked Fridays too when the newer music
was being played. All the other bartenders act like they don’t wanna be there
but Melissa makes people feel like friends. The food is good but I think the
menu items are limited at times 
INV! Amanda Been in there quite a few times. Every time we do go,
Amanda is more concerned about the regulars than new customers that could
become regulars. But I will not be there when she is. The only bartender that
gives us great customer service is Holly. Thats why I will only come in if I
see her behind the bar. 
INV! Stephen Karma is a happy fun place like the show Cheers no matter
what time of day, it’s fun! It’s a safe place too, a woman can go there alone
or with friends, it’s safe which is a compliment to Karma. Some of my friends
will not go to Karma if Steve is bartending and that’s sad! Most of the time
he acts and looks like he hates his life and job. I don’t care if you like or
dislike the clients/people – you fake it, especially if you’re the manager!
You could have an amazing meal but if the staff are rude and obnoxious that’s
the last thing you remember. I have personally watched another bartender
slammed, no bar backs or cook and he just stands there drinking near the
TVs/alcohol instead of jumping in to help out. That stresses out the other
bartenders, I am sure! I just feel he just doesn’t care. I’ve seen him be
rude because an older gentleman was waiting at the corner of the bar (by
ladies bathroom) not behind the bar, instead of saying politely “can you
please move I need to get by” he was sarcastic, rude and the look of the
guy’s face said it all! That’s not professional or called for, he’s more of a
bully. The guy did not react rude or aggressive towards him and was an older
65ish yr old guy. Why be so rude? The rest of the bartenders and staff are
amazing, even if they seem to be stressed out, I have never seen them take it
out on the customers. 
INV! Stephen The kitchen needs an exhaust fan!!! 
INV! Michael michael is a hustler and the others should learn from him.
hes the only one actually working on the weekends while the others look
unhappy like they dont belong serveing people. manager who only bartends
sucks and seems like the place is going downhill. only place to party but
staff dont make me n my girls feel welcome. 
INV! Melissa I like to party there on the weekends when u have the
mixers but the no dress code is bringing the hood in 
    If the bartnder put makeup on and did her hair she would
looke great.  I think she just got out
of bed.  
INV! Amanda All the above. I love how everyone is so friendly and
always a good time! Go time good karma! 
INV! Stephen He needs to Run It More! 
INV! Stephen fan of Amanda during the day but steophen thinks he knows
best all times. he’s always grumpy end of the night and yells at people to
leave. I like to go during the week with friends and hang on the
INV! Stephen My girls and I wanted to come into Karma on Friday night
but when we parked there was a group of people hanging out in front of your
place. Several of them were drinking straight from big liquor bottles and
shorts down below their asses. One of the cars had its music loud. We didn’t
feel comfortable walking past them. Why do you let people buy liquor from
your store and drink in front of your place? You should watch what goes on
outside of your place cause we love coming to Karma but my girlfriends and I
question coming back there if this is the norm. Having that element outside
of your establishment is not good. I hope you take care of that soon. 
INV! Holly Absolutely Outstanding! We will definitely be back! 
INV! Amanda We absolutely adore Amanda! She is amazing! 
INV! Mike He’s amazing best bartender around service is top
INV!   The drunk owner gets up and pours himself a drink while the
bartender is slammed.  Way to help the
INV! Mike He’s amazing works so hard love coming here and seeing him
couldn’t have found better service karma is so much fun 
    The owner seemed he had no urgency in serving us our
drinks.  It wouldn’t have been so bad
if he talked to us.
INV! Melissa Is was wicked awesome! 
INV! Holly She is the best bar tender. Had a great experience. 
INV! Julie Great bartender..beautiful and great service! 
INV! Amanda Wonderful experience, simply put. 
INV! Julie Not from here made us fell like regulars. Definitely will
be back next vacation. 
INV! Julie Great bartender she is awesome and friendly! 
INV! Holly Really nice and helpful. Does not allow dirty people to
blow their nose directly to the floor. Put a stop to him in a professional
INV! Melissa Awesome service very attentive and friendly! Highly
recommend! Will definitely be coming back 
INV! Melissa Great customer service and so nice 
INV! Melissa Hands down the best bartender I’ve had, funniest too. 
INV! Amanda  
INV! Michael Would love to see you have a country night and post about
it on Facebook 
INV! Amanda Amanda is amazing. Give her a raise. And a puppy. 
    You need to offer more specials
INV!   Place is really nice but there is no energy.  The people behind the bar seem like they
just want to go home.  Wish they would
wake up.
INV!   I wish you had a bigger parking lot.  The place is great
INV!   I love the  bartender
Bree on Friday nights.  She brings a
much needed energy back to the place. 
You should bring her on full time and get rid of the dead weight.
INV!   Love the look of this bar. 
I don’t know the bartenders name but she was nice and drinks were good
INV!   The owner is so angry behind the bar with his arms
crossed.  WTF man.
INV! Melissa love her.  Great
INV! Julie seemed too distracted with her personal issues to serve us
    Rob really needs to get control of his employees.  So sad to see this happening to a great
INV! Stephen Why does he work in a bar if he doesn’t like to make
drinks.  He refused to make me a
chocolate martini
INV!   Please fix you plumbing
INV! Amanda seems like a really hard worker.  Attentive and made some good food.  Will be back.
INV! Michael Makes great drinks but needs to be a little friendlier with
customers.  It wasn’t a busy night but
he just stood back there when not serving a drink.
INV! Stephen Was in Saturday 6/17/23. Despite the place being dead, the
bartender seemed like we were a bother. He took his time making our
vodka/Sprites & took my cash without telling me the cost. Very
INV! Stephen He needs to not be so grumpy in front of new customers. The
regulars know how he is but to the new comers it’s def a turn off 
INV!   Loved the Pride Night party.  Thank you so much for your support.  The staff was great.  The owners were so nice.  First time here and they were so inviting.
INV!   the bartenders just complained while working.  I don’t want to hear that shit.
INV!   Bartender likes to hang in da corner with  boyfriend. 
You lost some money cuz I couldn’t get your att hunny.  Sorry we were bothering your quality time
with bae.
INV!   I was served my beer by the barback more than the
bartender. LOL
INV! Melissa I live close by and this is my go to bar.  Love it here.  Need some attention on attitudes.
INV! Holly Bring back country night
INV!   You need a frozen drink maker.  Pretty Please
INV!   Place sucks
INV!   Thank you for staying open till 2am.  

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